How to have a perfect and curld eyelashes ? Next i will tell you some skills and ways to help eyelash growth.


First,you need to have a eyelash brush, note need cleaning the brush,keep dry and tidy.In the process of cleaning, you can addit to a soap or detergent, such doing can make the make-up brush turn more cleaner.Second, put on some baby powder on your eyelash brush.Using vaseline  on your eyelash brush.This process usually takes five weeks to see results.

Two,lip pomade

1, scented lip balm  are good  than without flavour lip balm .Open the lip balm.2, besmear is on eyelash.Starting from the inner eye to the outer corner.On time to press the lipstick in skin, make sure eyelid also can stick to a lip balm.3, in the same way with the other eyelashes.4, Paint product on your eyelashes before go to  bed  time.And assure wearing an eye mask. 5, the second day wake up wash the lip balm on the eyes.

Three, Talika Eyelsh

Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel are giving you a natural and healthy lashes in a matter of weeks,you don't have to worry about your short and sparse eyelashes every day,also farewell to false eyelashes!

  • Nov 03, 2016
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