Ursula Estela
My eyelashes suddenly started to fall out. I'm not sure whether it was stress related or even diet related but they fell out 3 or four at a time. I was loosing up to 7 eyelashes a day! I previously had very thick long lashes, and so I became frustrated. Anyhow, I decided to try Talika after numerous searches for an eyelash product online.I have placed my order,expecting fast delivery.
Lubna Salcido
In my experience,applying Talika Lipocils,it takes a full 2 months to get optimal results,not the 28 days they suggest - thats when you really start noticing results,This product keeps my lashline full. I lost a lot of lashes from using a lash curler and this restored them.Talika are helping my lashes more fuller and thicker,Love the products.
Miranda Maribel
I've been using Talika for 3 weeks and the product really does work. I have fairly long lashes, but I wanted a product that would make them longer and fuller.Talika gave me both.save me much money remove the false eyelashes,will continue to use it until reach the goals I want.
Martha Narvaiz
My eyelashes seem to have grown stronger & areas where it used to be sparse, the eyelashes have grown. So is a thumbs up for this product.I love love this product. My lashes are so conditioned.
Janice Ayala
So far it has been fine, but haven't used it enough to give much of a review.I will post my pics after using for 3 months,my friends also used the Talika Lipocils,her eyelashes are beautiful and charming now,hope I have the good result as her,continuing use it.
Miranda Cali
Wow! I love this stuff. When I was younger I had long, thick eyelashes. Thanks to this product - I have them back again!also high recommend everyone who need the effective and reasonable price products.thanks for your excellent service and fast delivery.
Israel Young
This definitely works. Even better if you use it every day as instructed!Delivery on time, nice gift in the package,AMAZING! Fast shipper and so sweet to give me a nice service. Great product.Thanks! I like the product and will purchase more in the future.
Cambrelen Martinez
Talika Lipocils Eyelash Gel works really well. I have tried about six different eyelash strengthening/lengthening formulas. Some caused my eyelids to turn dark and inflamed. Others reached a lengthening plateau that was considerably lower than what I hoped for considering the advertisements.only Talika Lipocils reached my expectations.
Emmanuel Ann
It works wonderfully! I noticed my lashes are longer and thicker! Also, I used them on my brows and it's a lot fuller now. All in less than a month! I totally recommend this product. I am 100% satisfied!!! I will order again if used up this one.thanks very much your site.
Irene Ngoc
Talika Eyelash Lipocils is the only product that I've used that works to make my eyelashes healthy, strong and grow! For some reason..my eyelashes are becoming more skimpy as I get older. After I use this product for a few weeks I can tell my lashes have grown. Reasonable price too.
Lone Kabilo
Talika eyelash lipocils keeps lashes supple & unclumped & I have used it before & will continue to use it! This is easy to use and it does work.I've had mine for a year and there is still product and it is still working.
Catalina Rosalinda
Effective and moisturizing. I can always count on it! I use waterproof mascara, which dries up my eyelashes and makes them fall. With Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel, my eyelashes stop falling and stay strong!!! Love your site.